Redness therapy program

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This is an innovative therapeutic program designed for vascular, hypersensitive and rosacea skin. It uses the latest scientific knowledge of dermatologists, pharmacists and biotechnologists in the selection of biologically active substances that eliminate the symptoms of both the early stages of rosacea and later stages, where erythema and inflammatory changes persist and, in addition, appear burning sensation, swelling and dry skin.

The uniqueness of the therapy lies in the only and unique combination of flavonoids – substances that have recently revolutionized the treatment of vascular lesions and rosacea, showing strong antioxidant, antiallergic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties


Face + decollete60 min65 £

Advantages of the procedure

  • reduction of symptoms of all phases of rosacea
  • reduction of periodic paroxysmal erythema
  • maximum anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
  • strengthening, sealing and shrinking capillaries, improving their elasticity
  • stabilizing, soothing and soothing effect
  • strengthening the skin’s protective mechanisms
  • moisturizing, smoothing, nourishing, brightening
  • DNA protection of skin cells against UV radiation


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