PDT Thermo Agemelan Holistic

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It is a rejuvenating and repair program as well as brightening discoloration and color for skin with phototype I-IV. It is a holistic skin renewal system against pigmentation changes, accelerated skin aging. Type of skin problem: skin with discoloration and uneven coloring, with phototype I-IV * zones: face, skin around the eyes, mouth skin, body – also dry skin – also capillaries – skin with symptoms of premature aging and photoaging – mature skin with wrinkles The effects of the treatments: – reduction of pigmentation changes – discoloration and uneven skin tone – renewal of enzyme pathways – inhibition of melanogenesis – stimulation of the enzymatic activity of sirtuins and cell cleansing – detoxification – renewal of collagen and skin structure, whose damage causes and intensifies pigmentation changes – strengthening the skin’s protective barrier against the effects of damage


Face + decollete60 min65 £

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