Needle mesotherapy

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This is an extremely popular treatment for regenerating, nourishing and rejuvenating the skin, i.e. comprehensive revitalization. Subcutaneous introduction of active substances means that the effects are spectacular and usually visible after the first treatment.
Mesotherapy effectively prevents and reduces the most popular dermatological problems. It slows premature aging of the skin, reduces fine wrinkles, discoloration and baldness. Bioactive substances contained in the injected preparations do not penetrate the circulatory system, in other words they can more strongly stimulate the skin to renew throughout the treated area. Cocktails with active ingredients, which are used for the procedure, are selected individually after direct consultation with the patient.


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Full face160 £

How often can needle mesotherapy be used?

Needle mesotherapy treatments bring quick and long-lasting effects visible just after the treatment. Thanks to the properties of the active cocktail, the skin becomes more dense and taut, and wrinkles less visible. To obtain satisfactory results, the procedure should be repeated on average 3 to 6 times with an interval of about two weeks. In order to maintain the effect, it is recommended to repeat mesotherapy every few or several weeks. Please note that this is not a permanent procedure and requires a repeat cycle.

Needle mesotherapy is very popular. People who have undergone the procedure are satisfied with its quick effects. The results are visible for a long time, which is why so many clients invest in mesotherapy. This innovative method is an increasingly popular and proven method in the fight against various skin diseases.

Needle mesotherapy: how the procedure looks?

Needle mesotherapy is performed using a small needle, with the help of which a cosmetic or dermatologist performs micro-punctures to a maximum depth of 4 mm. The introduction of active substances into the deeper layers of the skin allows you to achieve the intended effect and reduce many undesirable skin features. Due to the way the procedure is performed, a distinction is made between:

  1. Mesotherapy using a classic needle and syringe – a lot of practice is required. Used when it is necessary to fill deeper cavities (e.g. deep stretch marks or wrinkles).
  2. Roller mesotherapy – the procedure is performed with the help of a special roller equipped with many microneedles. Effective and fast method.
  3. Mesotherapy with the use of a “gun” – the procedure is carried out using special equipment operating in automatic mode. The advantage is the repeatability of punctures and the amount of active substances administered.

It is worth remembering that a minimum of 48 hours after the procedure should be avoided direct exposure to sunlight. You also have to give up the pool, sauna, irritating cosmetics and rough towels.

Before and after needle mesotheraphy


Needle mesotherapy is recommended to all who, for various reasons, are not satisfied with the condition of their skin. We are talking here mainly about gray, tired skin with clear signs of aging. Stretch marks resulting from diseases or pregnancy may also be an indication for surgery. Correct mesotherapy will also reduce cellulite and scars, and stop hair loss. The latter is associated with the strengthening of hair roots by active substances injected under the skin. People who want to reduce visible facial wrinkles can also choose to go to a beauty salon or dermatological office.


Needle mesotherapy is a fairly safe technique and does not have too many contraindications and side effects that may appear during or after the procedure. However, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the restrictions that can significantly affect the procedure and the patient’s health. The main contraindications include:

  • skin infections on various surfaces (e.g. purulent),
  • cancer or chemotherapy
  • pregnancy,
  • advanced diabetes
  • regular use of medicines that reduce blood clotting,
  • tendency to scarring.

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