IPL – Skin Rejuvenation

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IPL – this is an intense new generation light source, an alternative to laser for permanent removal of: vessels, hair, discolorations and photorejuvenation.
The device emits light with a wavelength of 450-950 nm, and the filter system eliminates unnecessary light spectra, providing for a given problem the emission of light that is most favorable to remove a specific change while minimizing adverse effects, while giving unprecedented effectiveness of treatments.

Treatments can be performed at any age – also for young people for preventive purposes. Equally often, women and men give up. It is a completely non-invasive procedure, without compromising the skin’s continuity. Short recovery and high safety of the procedure allow you to continue working as normal.

What are IPL treatments?

The procedure is carried out using a special head. At the tip of the person performing the therapy (doctor or beautician) puts a specific filter. Thanks to this, xenon lamps emit light waves of a specific, required length, which depends on both the type of changes that need to be corrected and the type of skin. The success of the therapy depends on whether the wavelength is chosen properly and the number and duration of pulses.

For whom is IPL treatment?

Treatments using this technology can only be subjected to specialized beauty salons. The basic condition is 25 years old.

The best effects are obtained on fair skin without excessive seborrhea. It is better not to perform these treatments in people with dark or brown skin after IPL treatments, they may experience greater discomfort or burning sensation, and even local skin discoloration, which is associated with more melanin.


Back and shooulder160 £
Neck and cleavage120 £
Single area60 £
Full face110 £
Full face + neck + cleavage210 £


  • hypersensitivity to high-power light therapy,
  • taking photosensitizing drugs and substances that increase the level of blood supply to the skin (e.g. alcohol),
  • cancerous changes that could start to increase due to light pulses,
  • pregnancy and menstruation are often a contraindication, although there is no evidence that this procedure is harmful then.

In addition, IPL treatments should not be performed on tattoos because they can cause significant burns due to significant heat absorption by tattoo pigments

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