Diode Laser Hair Removal

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If you are looking for a really effective method to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all, then laser hair removal treatment is just for you.

Laser hair removal treatment is permanent hair reduction with the help of a laser. The light beam burns the hair together with the onion, thanks to which it does not rebuild, i.e. it will never grow back again.

That is why laser hair removal is the only permanent and effective method of hair removal. It’s good to know that the laser burns the hair itself without heating adjacent tissues, so removing hair in this way is a safe procedure. Removal of excessive hair with a laser is almost painless, and most importantly, the procedure can be performed on any part of the body, both epilating the legs, forearms, bikini zone, as well as a mustache, chin or buttocks.

A few sessions will allow you to get perfectly smooth skin without unwanted hair. The first effects after laser hair removal are visible immediately. In most cases, it is necessary to perform several treatments for a given body part, which guarantees the removal of all hairs from a specific area. The treatment is an ideal alternative for people who have so far used methods such as waxing or a machine depilation, dreaming of smooth skin without having to deal with problems such as ingrown hairs.

Laser hair removal is a method used in the world for many years, so you can confirm its durability and effectiveness.


Back & Shoulders230 £
Full Legs195 £
Upper Lip45 £
Full legs and bikini line hair removal230 £
Bikini Line hair removal90 £
Chest and Abdomen150 £
Half Legs120 £
Hollywood120 £
Shoulders80 £
Back180 £
Buttocks120 £
Chest95 £
Lip & chin75 £
Chin50 £
Underarms70 £
Full arms hair removal120 £
Feet and Toes hair removal50 £
Hands hair removal45 £
Upper legs and Bikini160 £
Full Face110 £
Abdomen75 £
Back-Shoulders and Neck230 £

What is the difference between Diode Laser Hair Removal and IPL?

The IPL treatment is actually the patient’s exposure to the xenon lamp contained in this device. IPL sends many wavelengths, therefore the light beam is absorbed not only by melanin but also by surrounding tissues. IPL does not selectively affect the hair, which makes it less effective. Comparing diode laser and ILP depilation, it should be stated that the effectiveness of the diode laser in hair removal is significantly higher than IPL. For one treatment using a diode laser, you need to perform an average of 3 or more IPL treatments with a worse result.


  • excessive amount of body hair
  • after shave irritation
  • ingrown hair
  • the amount of hair associated with hormonal disorders is excessive


  • pregnancy
  • breast-feeding
  • Cancer
  • epilepsy
  • antibiotics
  • fresh tan for up to 2 weeks
  • pacemaker
  • skin infections
  • taking herbal remedies with photosensitizing effect (St. John’s wort, calendula)
  • photosensitizing drugs used generally and topically (retinoids, antibiotics, isotretinoin, Vitamin A).

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