Corneo therapy treatment

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A non-invasive method that, by using personalized targeted therapy in the treatment, works on a wide spectrum of skin problems. The treatment is perfect for delaying the signs of biological skin aging [shallowing of wrinkles, elasticity, firming, inhibition of myostasis], stimulation of regeneration processes, purification and regulation of sebum secretion, smoothing and brightening in the case of skin with strongly marked photoaging, discoloration, acne and acne lesions.

The uniqueness of the treatment lies in the synergistic, 10-hour release of the alpha-hydroxy acid cocktail [glycolic acid, L-lactic acid, citric acid], beta-hydroxy acid [salicylic acid] and dicarboxylic acid [azelaic acid] enclosed in a lamellar LWG carrier with L-ascorbic acid attached hyaluronic


Face + decollete60 min65 £

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